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7 Tips for Writing a Compelling Financial Need Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is a written application used to appeal for a scholarship. It is the best opportunity for students to avail by showing their capabilities, career goals, strengths, work experience and poor financial situation. Through a compelling final need, you can make your case special among the rest of the candidates, and the committee will consider your application. 

According to a report by Think Impact, there are 7% of students received scholarships, and 13% received private scholarships. In 2020, almost 58% of students who are financially poor used scholarship funds to pay their education dues. And $ 8.8 billion was awarded to need-based scholarships

Writing a financial need scholarship essay requires professional persuasive writing skills to convince the judges. Some of the students do not possess academic writing skills, and that’s why they lose their chance of getting a scholarship. 

At this spot, students need expert tips and tricks. Additionally, a student can avail help from an essay writing service to get a well-structured and organised piece of paper to create a lasting impression on the judges. But before that, we suggest you first try these tips and tricks that we are discussing in this article to make a financial assistancescholarship essay stand out. 

How to Write a Financial Need Scholarship Essay?

Demonstration of your financial need will allow you to show how you are eligible for this scholarship and give a clear answer to your committee about why you deserve that scholarship. You can create an impressive piece of scholarship essay by following the tips below:

1. Understand Scholarship Requirements Properly 

The first thing that you need to focus on is the scholarship essay requirements and instructions. Read the instructions carefully, and if you find some key terms unknown and you cannot understand those words properly, you can ask your instructor for a better understanding. Most of the students fail to win scholarships because they neglect scholarship writing instructions. 

2. Review Other’s Financial Need Scholarship Essay Examples 

To write a highlighter scholarship, it is essential to look over previous accepted and rejected scholarship applications. It will give you an idea on which basis the committee award scholarship or reject the applications. By reading such examples, you will know what type of essays the scholarship committee is looking to select, such as an example provided by WordLayouts:  

After reading these examples, you will know how other people convince their judge. Which language do they use? How do you demonstrate financial need in a scholarship essay? What types of structure does the scholarship essay committee like the most? 

3. Brainstorm for Your Ideas

The next step is to brainstorm your ideas to order your thoughts effectively. Before you start writing your essay, take some time and list out all the ideas you want to discuss in your essay. In this way, the main subject makes roots with its related ideas.  This list of ideas will be handy in creating your essay outline.

4. Create an Outline 

After reading other people’s work and scholarship easy requirements, you will be able to craft your own financial need scholarship essay outline. Outline your essay properly to create a flat structure that will give you a roadmap to move until the end in a manageable way. Your outline involves three major sections:

  • Introduction 
  • The main Body 
  • Conclusion 

Toronto Metropolitan University represents a general essay structure that you can use to create an outline on “how to write a financial need essay for a scholarship.” 

You have to start your essay with an engaging introduction and end with a meaningful conclusion with call-to-action phrases. The main body contains paragraphs in which you can explain in detail the final condition of your family. What is the total income of your family? What are the sources of income? How many hours are you doing a part-time job to fulfil your academic needs? 

Your Robust outline will help you explain each and every single detail in a sequence or with a natural flow that gives your reader coherent vibes. 

5. Structure Your Essay 

A financial need scholarship essay is a persuasive essay, and it should be in a form that you are convincing your reader to consider your application. In this way, you have to structure your essay each paragraph like that:

  • Start with a topic sentence 
  • Tell me about your thesis statement 
  • Introductory paragraph 
  • Body paragraph 
  • And summary paragraphs

There is a book, “How to Write an Essay: Writing a Persuasive Essay”, written by Brenda Rollins, published in 2013.  

It gives a structure for writing a persuasive essay that you can use in writing your scholarship essay, which is shown below: 

6. Personalise Your Essay 

With this tip, you have to keep your essay specific to the subject matter and personalise it. 

The key to success lies in this tip when you write about your personal experience, expertise and financial needs. It will make it possible for the committee to analyse you, your personality and all the financial troubles you are facing in your educational field. 

This type of essay gives a genuine feel, and through your scholarship’s easy application, you can create a strong connection with your judges by attaching them emotionally. This is the best trick by which you can make your essay spotlight. 

7. Follow the Scholarship Essay Format 

If you are applying for a specific scholarship, for example, The QuestBridge Scholarship, you have to stick to the format described by QuestBridge. But in case you do not have specific instructions, then follow the standard scholarship essay format, which is given below: 

  • You should use font sizes 10 and 12pt 
  • Your font styles will be Times New Roman, Verdana, Calibri, Tohama, and Aerial
  • Line spacing should be 1.5
  • All the paragraphs should be double-spaced 
  • Ensure the margins of 1 INCH on each side of a page


Writing a winning financial need scholarship essay is one of the toughest tasks for students who are not good in their academic writing skills. Students get confused in writing, formatting, structuring and editing their piece of paper. 

For that reason, they need some useful tips and tricks to tackle all the scholarship essay writing problems. For those students, we have compiled a list of tips for high scores. But if you still do not know what to do, contact an experienced essay writing service such as The Academic Papers UK to increase your chances of success. 

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