Amazing TVs for 2023

Entertainment never catches a break. There’s always something to give to the public in some form or capacity. This can range from TV shows to movies to even video games. However, all is for naught if one doesn’t have a good TV to support these homely ventures. TV screens and everything behind them have come a long way. From curved screens bulging outward to curved screens now sucked inward, TV developers keep tinkering with their products to provide pieces of tech that synchronize with the current trend.

If you’re in the market for a TV that can help add value to your lounge, bedroom, or otherwise, this article is all for you. We’ve rummaged through the specs, listings, and the good, bad, and ugly to bring you a list of screens that are sure to tantalize your senses. Be mindful, that all these TVs are smart devices that will require an internet connection to perform to their fullest extent. In order to do this, consider switching to WOW Internet Service, an internet provider that goes above and beyond to deliver internet services with blistering speeds and affordable plans that make you come back for more.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out some stellar TVs!

  1. TCL 6-Series Roku TV

We’re going to start strong with our listicle by presenting the most wholesome, most powerful all-rounder in our list. TCL’s 6-Series powerhouse, R655. With a mini-LED display as well as local dimming tech, customers get the best bang for their buck with this bad boy in their possession. The 6 series has been going strong for a while now, with constant, small updates each year but the 2023 version really pushes the bar with its aesthetics and functionality.

Right out of the box, you get a galore of gaming extras, a newly designed center-mounted stand that mimics the look of freshly polished chrome, and Roku TV embedded under the hood to power your binge-watching sessions. Although there is no 8K option on this device, only a relatively small amount of customers will feel hurt by that news.

  1. LG OLED C2

Feeling frisky with your money? Want to go all in? LG’s OLED C2 is the tech to get for those who don’t have an upper limit set for their buying options. The C2 represents the absolute pinnacle of picture quality with a price tag that is out to punch a hole through your wallet. LG’s artisanship is unrivaled as it takes extra care in producing TVs with slick bezels and gorgeous displays. 

The C2 is no exception as its 65-inch version stands at just 37 pounds and provides a picture that’ll have you appreciating the company’s tech for a while. At least.

  1. TCL 4-Series

Well beneath the $500 price tag and presenting itself as a budget option for many, we have the TCL 4-series TV. TCL enjoys a stalwart presence, today, across all sorts of ranges in TV. The 4 series, however, goes easy on your wallet while still sporting a good amount of features. What it lacks in features, it makes up for it in size. 

Customers won’t be able to enjoy Dolby Vision, Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing, or AMD FreeSync but they will get a sizeable screen and a smart TV that has all the basics of being smart entailing it. 

  1. Samsung QN90B

Keeping the obnoxious name aside, Samsung’s QN90B is a perfect pick for those looking for a non-OLED TV. Not having OLED isn’t a bad thing if your TV already has QLED technology working in tandem with mini-LED tech to deliver an even superb picture quality. Granted, OLED is in a league of its own but this device comes dangerously close to toppling the current king of the hill. 

With a brightness that surpasses OLED and a boatload of features exclusive to Samsung’s own tech, the QN90B is nothing to laugh about. Plus, it even has 8K. An option that may entice you enough to consider buying it just for that. 

  1. Vizio MQX

Can’t decide whether to go budget-friendly or chase after a pricey monster? No problem! The Vizio MQX presents a brilliant midrange option that has the best of both worlds. It’s the least expensive option when considering TVs with premium, full-array local dimming and just enough contrast to make the HDR option pop. With dark blacks, vivid contrasts, accurate colors, and excellent sound quality, the Vizio is a sure shot way to getting just about every hip thing there is about a TV to notice with a price tag that’ll allow you breathing space. 


That’s a wrap on all the TVs we have for you to make you go wow. We did our best to present a holistic set of options that’ll present a wide variety of features ranging from top end, middle, and budget. Do a little bit of your research before making your purchase. Additionally, check out their prices close to the holiday season to see if you can’t slash a few bucks off their original price. Happy shopping!

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