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Do You Really Need Gigabit Internet Connection?

Gigabit internet has been the trend for quite a good time now. Everyone is talking about it, from teenage kids in college to software company workers. A gigabit internet connection is undoubtedly fast, but installing one only for that reason does not make sense. You must understand your internet speed requirements, and based on that, you should determine whether a gigabit internet connection is good for you.

If you can handle your online activities at an internet connection up to 50 – 100 Mbps, subscribing to a 1000 Mbps (1 gigabit), internet speed does not seem so smart, right? You should not consider a gigabit internet connection unless you have a large household with heavy internet users.

Streaming online, downloading heavy files, and surfing the internet with extremely fast internet speed indeed sound good, but this is not enough reason to leave the Mbps speed that you currently have. A gigabit internet connection is expensive, meaning you will pay way more if you decide to switch. You may consider AltaFiber if you are looking to get a gigabit internet plan at market-competitive prices.

Below we have shared some reasons that can help you decide whether or not you need a gigabit internet service to surf the internet. Without any further ado, let us get started.

1. Do You Have a Gigabit Compatible Computer?

Many internet users trying to get their hands on a gigabit internet connection usually don’t have a computer that can support such speeds. They often realize this when they are done setting up the connection. This is why it is crucial to know if your computer is gigabit compatible or not to avoid disappointment later.

If you discover that your hardware cannot support such internet speed and need gigabit internet service, you must consider upgrading your hardware. Getting a new operating system to allow gigabit internet speed to function perfectly and upgrading other hardware will cost you time and money.

However, if you already have a gigabit-compatible computer and hardware, you can set up a connection in no time and get started instantly. Here are some AltaFiber packages that can help you get going in no time.

2. Do You Play Online Games?

Slow internet speed always haunts online gamers, and this is the last thing they want to deal with. Staying alive in an online game and beating the opposition requires your internet connection to be extremely flawless. So, if you are an online gamer, you may consider setting up a gigabit internet connection.

If you live alone in the house, a gigabit internet connection will be too much for you. However, if you live with a large family or roommates, then it’s the best internet connection you can get. Lastly, you should double-cross if your system is gigabit compatible to avoid dealing with it later.

3. How Many Devices Do You Have?

If you live alone in the house, you may own hardly two or three devices that connect to which you use the internet on. However, if you live with your family or tenants, it is obvious that multiple devices will be connected to the internet at the same time.

Connecting multiple devices to the internet will divide the bandwidth equally, which will result in slow speed. On top of that, if most internet users in the house indulge in heavy online activities, the speed will get even worse.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is recommended you get a gigabit internet connection. It will entertain all your devices with maximum internet speed without compromising the internet speed at all.

4. Do You Have a Remote Job?

Surfing the internet for basic tasks may not be trouble for you. However, if you are working from home and your boss sends you a large file that takes forever to download, you can get in trouble. Working from may seem like you need a decent internet speed, but at times, the requirement of your job may need a fast internet connection.

To avoid being in such situations where the client is waiting for his project, but you can’t upload it because of lousy internet speed, get a gigabit internet connection. This way, you will be able to work flawlessly without any internet-related interruptions.  


It is normal to be on the fence while deciding if you really need an ultra-fast internet connection or not. However, the aforementioned points will help you decide if you really need to set up a gigabit internet connection. Gigabit internet plans can be pretty expensive, so you have to be sure before subscribing to one. These phone and internet bundles will help you find a deal where you can get the best value for money.

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