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Henry 357 Side Gate Lever Action Rifles – Good For Self-Defence?

The debate surrounding the best self-defense weapons on the market is a hotly contested one – for a reason. It seems like the chances of getting attacked by someone are increasingly likely as lawlessness reigns in certain parts of the country. With this in mind, we took a look at the Henry 357 side gate and rifles like it as a self-defence option. 

There are a number of considerations that need to be made when choosing firearms, such as lethal force, and while AR-15s court controversy at every turn, lever action options aren’t so scrutinized. 

Spoiler Alert: The Henry 357 Side Gate Is a Great Self-Defense Choice

Back in the days of the Civil War, lever action rifles like the Henry 357 sidegate represented the assault rifles of the day. Not to give the game away too soon, but lever action rifles are great for self-defense, and there are a few reasons that we’re confident to make that claim. 

Large Magazine Capacities – right now, there aren’t any restrictions placed on tube-fed lever rifle capacities, which means that those who use them get an advantage over anyone who might attack you with an AR15. Even super-strict states like California have nothing in place to restrict how many rounds a lever action magazine can hold. 

High Rates of Fire – even though the action is a manual one with a lever rifle, you get a faster rate of fire when compared to bolt-action alternatives. Again, you get an advantage over other weapons, as every pull of the lever gives you a new round to fire. 

Can Be Carried All Day – Compared to their bolt action counterparts, lever action weapons are typically much lighter, meaning that you can carry them all day. Sure, that’s not really a consideration for self-defense purposes, but if you have to defend yourself, it does aid manoeuvrability.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using a Lever Action Rifle?

While they might not look it to the casual observer, lever action rifles are relatively complex, with many moving parts. This can make them tricky to take apart and clean. Spend a day hunting in poor weather, and you’ll understand that cleaning is vital. 

Also, accuracy can be an issue when compared to bolt actions, but that’s something you’ll only likely notice when out hunting. In a self-defense situation, it’s not really going to be a problem. 

The Henry 357 Side Gate Is a Great Self Defense Choice

So, the verdict on self-defence with this rifle is a very positive one. They may have their drawbacks – just like pretty much any weapon does – but in a gunfight, you’ll be glad to have a lever action at your side.

They give you lots of ammo due to increased capacities, as well as offering high rates of fire in a lightweight design that doesn’t restrict movement. With all these benefits available, it’s hard to say no to what rifles like these offer. 

Also, when you invest in quality guns from the likes of Henry, the benefits become even more profound in comparison to cheaper manufacturers. All in all we’d say that you could do a lot worse than choose one to keep you and yours safe. 

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