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Is A Soundbar Necessary For A Smart TV?

A soundbar for tv is an essential accessory for any modern LCD/LED TV. While there is still a market for channel speakers, their inflexibility and lack of mobility render them outdated. A soundbar is an excellent substitute for it. 

What Role Does The Sound Bar Play?

The speakers and amplifiers that make up a soundbar are often hidden away within a sleek, compact housing. When you get a sound bar with supplemental speakers, you may position them on each side of your couch in the far corner of the room for optimal sound. The music from these speakers will fill the space with incredible clarity. A subwoofer is often used with soundbars to provide deep, impacting bass, although these devices seldom have the physical dimensions and qualities of a standard home cinema speaker system. 

If You Already Have A Smart TV, What Good Is A Soundbar For It?

A soundbar is a pricey addition to your home theatre system. The soundbar will help you understand the problematic dialect audio and provide a theatre-like experience in your own home. Even if you think the sound quality of your TV is excellent, you should wait till you get a soundbar since these little music systems are designed to provide you with a far more immersive experience.  

What Is a Reasonable Price?

Affordable Cost (<8000)

In this price range, you may get compact soundbars that provide significant improvements over the TV’s built-in speakers. They’re perfect for secondary TVs in bedrooms, kitchens, and other spaces where people seldom watch television.

Medium 8000 to 32,000

In general, soundbars without surround sound may be found at or below this price. Try to find well-known manufacturers like Samsung, Vizio, Sony, Polk, LG, Bose, and Sonos. Surround soundbars with satellite speakers may be found for less than 32,000 sometimes, but they often need to provide the finest sound quality.

Choosing the Right Soundbar

If you have concluded that a soundbar might benefit you, the next step is to choose one. Soundbars may be found for as little as 5000 up to several hundred rupees for high-end models. The total cost is proportional to the viewer’s sensitivity to audio quality and their preferred genres of programming.

Soundbars with a lot of loudness and bass are ideal for watching action movies. Dramas are enhanced by high-quality audio since the dialogue is more accessible to follow. Visit an electronics retailer and try out a few different soundbars before making a purchase. When picking for a soundbar, keep in mind the following:

  • Connect your TV and soundbar by using these inputs. Find out what information and outputs your TV has.
  • Connectivity without wires, including Bluetooth compatibility. 
  • The quantity of speakers affects the volume and clarity of the sound.


We hope you have seen enough information to make an informed choice about purchasing a soundbar to improve your movie-watching experience and enjoy crystal-clear sound quality like never before.

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