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Complete Guide on JoinPD: How to Join a Pear Deck Session with JoinPD.com in 2023

JoinPD is essentially an academic website available for teachers and students alike where the teachers can create creative presentations of their lessons and send join pd code to their students for easy access from anywhere virtually.

In this article we have discussed all the necessary information one needs to know about the joinpd.com website, understood in detail the join pd teacher login steps, how the teachers send the joinpd code to the students for them to access the presentations and participate through the Peardeck platform. Keep on reading to understand and find out all about join pd so that you can also use this creatively inclusive platform effectively!

Joinpd.com: What is JoinPD and Peardeck?

Joinpd website promises an enhanced creative learning experience for students as well as teachers. In the current academic landscape, technology plays a very prominent role in shaping and transforming traditional teaching methods. Join pd is a leading academic technology platform which provides enhanced education to everyone whereas Peardeck is a highly interactive tool for maximising classroom engagement. Together, they form a dynamic and innovative learning solution that promotes active student participation and empowers educators to create immersive and engaging lessons.

Teachers can easily create a JoinPD account to make interactive and creative presentations and send a joinpd code to students so that they can join the presentation and understand everything in real time. The students can interact by posting comments and sharing their views. Teachers can assess the students’ progress via this platform and also assign work effectively based on each student’s individual performances which makes their job easy and effective.

Steps to Use Joinpd 

  1. The teachers need to create a session or a presentation on the joinpd – peardeck platform. 
  2. To do so, the teachers need to login through the join pd website as a creator and start making the presentation. 
  3. After the session or the presentation has been made the teachers need to create a code that they will have to share with the students
  4. At last, learners can join the interactive learning experience virtually through their devices with the help of that code.

Note: only teachers can create sessions and presentations into this platform and students are not applicable to do so. Hence, they can access it only with the help of code that they get from their teachers. 

Steps to Use Joinpd code

Following are the Steps to use the Joinpd Code:

  • Go to the joinpd.com website and enter the code provided by the teacher to join the session
  • The code consists of 5 digits and it would be provided by the teacher or the presenter. Make sure to use it within four days as it is time sensitive.
  • After you have joined the session, participate in the activities created by your teacher including text, multiple choice, drawing, drop down etc. The teacher would be able to track your progress.
  • The teacher can turn on the feedback mode where you can share and write comments along with providing suggestions.

Note: make sure to have a proper internet connection while accessing the session to get the most seamless and enhanced learning experience.

Benefits of JoinPd

The Evolution of Classroom Engagement:

In the digital era, traditional passive learning approaches no longer resonate with today’s tech-savvy students. Educators seek dynamic tools that enable them to design interactive lessons that actively involve students in the learning process which is where the join pd website comes into picture. Join pd promises to create a platform where the learning is fun and the education experience is enhanced.

Empowering Teachers with Immersive Content:

Join PD equips educators with an extensive collection of customizable lesson templates and interactive activities. From quizzes, polls to open-ended questions and draggable responses, the platform offers a myriad of tools to cater to diverse learning styles. Teachers can include multimedia elements such as images, videos, and audio files to enrich their presentations further. This versatility empowers educators to design immersive content that captivates students’ attention, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Real-Time Student Engagement and Feedback:

One of the standout features of Join PD-Pear Deck is its real-time student engagement and feedback mechanism. During presentations, students participate actively by responding to questions and prompts on their devices. Teachers can instantly view and analyse individuals along with group responses, gaining valuable insights into student comprehension and learning progress. This live feedback loop allows educators to adapt their teaching strategies on the spot, ensuring that every student remains engaged and involved in the learning process.

Enhancing Collaborative Learning:

JoinPD emphasises collaboration among students, creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Through interactive activities such as “Collaborate Board” and “Team Up,” students can collaborate on problem-solving tasks in real-time. This collaborative approach not only enhances students’ critical thinking skills but also encourages teamwork and communication, essential attributes in the 21st-century workforce.

Features of JoinPd

Differentiated Instruction for Diverse Learners:

Every classroom comprises students with varying learning abilities and preferences. JoinPD-Pear Deck empowers teachers to implement differentiated instruction, catering to the individual needs of each student. With features like “Teacher Paced Mode” and “Student Paced Mode,” educators can adjust the pace of their presentations to accommodate different learning speeds.

Furthermore, teachers can provide additional resources and support materials to specific students, ensuring that no one gets left behind in the learning journey.

Seamless Integration with Existing Platforms:

JoinPD-Pear Deck is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing educational platforms, making adoption convenient for educators. The platform works harmoniously with learning management systems, Google Classroom, and other widely used tools in the education sector. 

Data-Driven Insights:

JoinPD’s data analytics feature enables educators to generate comprehensive reports on student performance. By analysing this data, teachers gain valuable insights into areas where students excel and where they may need additional support. These data-driven insights drive continuous improvement in teaching methodologies and contribute to better student outcomes.


The website is completely user friendly as users can use it after one single sign up and students can easily access the code provided by their teachers. It offers a seamless user experience with its easily navigational interface. The platform has a simple dashboard that enables users to use its incredible features without any confusion.

The cost of Joinpd – Pear Deck

The pear deck has three different packages for its users that are mentioned below. 

  1. The first package is free of cost that includes features like lesson creation, templates, student locks and timers, google and microsoft integration and more. 
  2. The second package “individual premium” is $149.99 per year that offers the ability to highlight and view responses with the help of name and remote support also,adding audios, questions and other activities to enhance the students’ learning.
  3. It is for schools and districts that offer efficacy reports, training, support, canvas and more. 


JoinPD-Pear Deck represents a transformative force in the realm of modern education. By combining the power of JoinPD.com’s versatile platform with Pear Deck’s interactive classroom engagement tools, this innovative solution empowers educators to create immersive and engaging learning experiences. With its focus on active student participation, real-time feedback, collaborative learning, and data-driven insights, Join PD-Pear Deck elevates the educational landscape to new heights. As teachers and students around the world embrace this dynamic platform, the future of interactive learning in the classroom looks brighter than ever before

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