Vape Tank Leaking: Why it Happens and How to Fix It? (2023)

The global trend towards vaping has ascended as an increasing number of individuals, succumbing to academic pressures, office work demands and other such stressors turn to vaping as a recreational outlet. Indulging in personal time with a weed vaporizer at hand allows everyone to destress–it’s how we all enjoy releasing some draws. The vapors’ anxiolytic properties ensure your relaxation and rejuvenation at the end of a vaping session. However, akin to all good things in life, vaping may present issues such as urgent addressal of vape tank leakage for an uninterrupted experience.

If your vaporizer’s vape tank leaks, you must not use the device until resolving the issue as it poses a safety risk. However, there’s no need to fret as we will provide tips in this article to help you easily mend your leaky vape tank. Let’s begin by understanding what precisely constitutes a vape tank and its behavior when experiencing leakage. We will delve into the intricacies of repairing a leaky vape tank. Furthermore, we intend to furnish you with a list of the reputable brands which one can procure high-quality vaporizers. 

What Is the Vape Tank?

Most of you, the readers of this article, likely engage in vaping. Therefore, an understanding of the vaporizer’s function is presumed. The dry herb vaporizer is a device that burns various substances including oil concentrates and dry herbs. Inhaling these vapors releases a distinct-tasting vapor with several properties, including the ability to relieve stress. To ensure a seamless vaping session devoid of any issues, one must actively inhale this vapor.

The vaporizer contains the substance it burns in the vape tank. If you notice e-liquid residue dripping onto the mouthpiece when attempting to take a drag from your vaporizer, that indicates an active leak of this substance from the vape tank. 

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What Happens When the Vape Tank Leaks?

The vape tank, a crucial component of the vaporizer cartridge, actually holds the combustible material used in vaping. It showcases a suction nozzle. When activated, this vaporizer burns the liquid within to release inhalable vapors. Should the vape tank face issues like excessive temperature or subpar quality, it might leak its contents. This leakage leads to an unpalatable, potentially hazardous alteration of the vapor’s taste. A leaking vape tank thus presents these unfavorable conditions.

How to Fix the Leaky Vape Tank?

There can be many reasons behind the leakage of the vape tank of your vaporizer. Hence, you need to know all about these causes before you check the signs that indicate the vape tank leakage: 

1. Setting the temperature of the vaporizer can cause your vape tank wall to melt. This will lead to the seepage of the fluid from the tank into the outside.  

2. Other reasons can be an improper assembly of all the parts of the vaporizer such as the cartridge, battery, and mouthpiece. 

3. If the seal of the vape tank is broken, even that can lead to a leakage that you will be able to detect very easily.  

4. If the cartridge has been overfilled, it can lead to pouring out of the fluid from even the tiniest pores due to the high pressure.

Now that you know why vape tank leakage occurs, we can get into the ways to detect if your device is leaking e-liquid. You will find some noticeable bad odor which would be like an oily smell. And you will also find a gurgling sound whenever you try to take a drag from your vape pen. But the most reliable sign is when you feel that there is insufficient vapor production from the device.

Now that you know why there might be a leaky vape tank and how you can detect it, you can fix it by disassembling and reassembling your device. And then you can also repair or replace the damaged parts. If nothing works, simply take your device to the nearest service center.

Top 3 Vaporizer Brands that Have the Best Vape Tanks

  1. Firefly: This brand has become really famous these days because of the high quality of their products. You can try out their host of product varieties to select the one that is the most suitable.
  1. Storz and Bickel: This brand is a legendary one in the vaping industry. They have a loyal customer base because they commit to the best ingredients for their products.
  1. Mighty: You can never go wrong with the vaporizers from Mighty. Check out their website to find out more from the customer reviews.


Vaping is a great experience only if you can use all the parts of the vaporizer properly. Keep a close watch on your vape tank and if it is leaking, seek prompt help. If all of this is followed properly, then you can surely enjoy taking a drag from your vaporizer without worrying at all!

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