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Why I Wish I Hadn’t Taken So Long to Start Using Acne Wash

I used to hate my skin. It never seemed to be as clear as I wanted and usually flared up at precisely the wrong time, like just before an interview or a date. I tried changing my diet, my washing detergent, and even my shampoo, but nothing seemed to give my skin the balance it needed. That all changed about a year ago when someone suggested I try acne wash

I never thought of myself as having full-blown acne, but after a little online research, I realised that I had all the symptoms, albeit at a low level. That said, it was still enough to destroy my confidence and have me constantly checking myself in the mirror. 

My Acne Wash Stung at First, But The Results Were Amazing

The acne wash I was recommended contained an active ingredient called benzoyl peroxide, and I’ll be honest in saying that it did sting a little, making my face a bit dry and flaky. I told my friend about the redness/soreness I was having, and she said it was perfectly normal when using what’s basically an acid-based product on your skin. 

It was fairly minor, and I soon realized it was a sign that the wash was working – so I carried on. The tenderness started to get a little better after about two weeks, as did my spots. They hadn’t gone entirely or anything, but they did start to look and feel less angry.

Fast-forward to week four, and slowly but surely, my breakouts were getting smaller and more spaced out. Sure, the odd spot would spring up from time to time, but not in the same way I had for years before. I was truly amazed by the results – something I didn’t expect, if I’m honest. 

Acne Spot Patches Are Pretty Neat, Too 

Another recommendation came my way from that same friend to help me with those errant zits that would visit me on odd occasions. This time, it was suggested that I add hydrocolloid patches to my routine, which are a little like round band-aids for zits that keep everything locked in while also drawing out the nastiness inside. 

They’re also quite neat for covering spots up when you go out, especially as the ones I’ve bought are skin-colored, so they’re almost invisible! Now, even when I get the odd pimple, it doesn’t ruin my day, as I know exactly how to stop people from seeing it! 

If You Want to Get Rid of Breakouts – Use Acne Wash

So, if you’re right on the borderline like I was, and you don’t think that your zits are bad enough to use acne foaming wash with benzoyl peroxide – think again! I’ve had great results since and would never go back to my old routine. The biggest change I’ve experienced is that I no longer dread that feeling you get when I feel a zit coming. 

That’s because I know that it’s likely to be a single spot rather than a cluster, and when one pops through, I can control it with my zit patches. It’s no exaggeration to say that acne foaming wash has changed my life, and I’m pretty sure it could help you, too. 

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