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Your ip Has Been Temporarily Blocked

IP Blocked – Tricks to unblock IP address 

Do you also sometimes get this pushup notification ‘Your ip Has Been Temporarily Blocked’. Although it is not a common problem, it stops you from accessing the website. The reason behind this could be that you tried logging into the website multiple times or you may have unintentionally or intentionally violated some of the site’s terms of service, which may include updating irrelevant content. 

A separate IP address is assigned to all the Internet-connected devices, which allows devices to connect and communicate with each other. Your device would not have access to a particular website if the IP address is blocked by a network server. This blockage is a hurdle in your work and sometimes it can last up to an entire day.

How to check if your IP address is blocked?

To confirm that Your ip Has Been Temporarily Blocked, visit the same website from another device. You are able to access that website on another device, this means that your IP address has been blocked.

Reasons behind IP address getting blocked – 

  • Log in more than once: Most of the websites provide you a brief trial period for login. The IP address will be blocked by the site if you cross this limit. Websites do this to prevent any kind of hacker attacks.
  • Country Banned: You won’t be able to access a website if you are located in a country which is blacklisted by the website. 
  • Repeated Error Response Codes: Sometimes your IP address also gets blocked if you receive a series of error codes such as 403 or 5XX. 
  • Rule Violation: In many cases, your IP address will be blocked by a firewall or other system if you violate the website’s rules, such as posting content which is inappropriate.
  • Suspicious transactions: Your IP address will be blocked if a website informs you of suspicious transactions.
  • Problems with cookies: Your browser won’t be able to find your account on the server if your cookies aren’t active.

Ways to unblock your IP address 

Although the temporary block resolves within 24 hours, but if you are in some hurry and need to access the website on an urgent basis, then you can follow the below given methods to unblock your IP address – 

  1. Waiting for some time duration – 

There are times when you forget the password and try to login multiple times, with different credentials. In such cases, the website does not give you access. Whenever any such thing happens the best thing to do is waiting for some time and accessing the website later. 

  1. Figure out the reason behind your IP getting blocked – 

Your ip Has Been Temporarily Blocked Before you can come up with a solution for this issue, you need to figure out the reason behind your IP address being blocked. Always Keep in mind that for different problems different solutions may be required. For example, blockage caused by rule violations will need a different approach than the one which will be used to sort the country restrictions.

 It’s also important to check whether you’re breaking the site’s rules. For checking this you can go to the footer of the website and verify this by reading its policies. 

  1. Using a proxy server – 

You’ll be able to select a free intermediary server in case you do not need to pay for a VPN. An intermediary server could be a server that acts as an intermediary between the Web and the site or page a client is attempting to access. Intermediary stows away your IP address, giving you more protection and independence.

In any case, be beyond any doubt that numerous websites and administrations know around intermediary servers and piece the IP addresses of open intermediary servers. In case they spot you, you’ll get the message “the proprietor of this site has prohibited your IP address”. Moreover keep in mind to never enter any personal information while browsing with an intermediary server.

  1. Use a VPN – 

As noted now, websites can correct your IP address due to a nationwide boycott. To avoid such restrictions, use a VPN to store your IP address. You can visit the site because you will present yourself from a separate region.

 There are free VPNs, but  paid VPNs are more likely to keep your IP address hidden. 

  1. Use a new wifi network – 

Another amazing way is to change your internet or wifi connection. This changes the IP address and gives you quick access to the website. 

  1. Updating your computer – 

If you have not updated your computer for quite some duration, then there are chances that you may be vulnerable to malware which will affect your access to websites.


The webmasters have the sole right to decide who can have access to their websites. Although geo restrictions are a bit difficult to handle, other ways mentioned above are for sure going to help you have access to the websites. 

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