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Complete Guide on 1st Kiss Manga Apk Download in 2023

A warm welcome to all readers! In this blog we are going to talk about the very famous platform which is known for its immense features and free books 1st Kiss Manga. If you are a book reading enthusiast and love the japanese culture then this website provides you with the best ebooks in japanese as well as in english language. The most famous printed books in Japan are manga novels and this website is known as one of the best free manga reading online websites. Let’s dive in to know more about the website.

What is the Purpose of 1st Kiss Manga?

The initial website with the same name was 1st Kiss Manga which is also known as sister of this website and it was famously known for providing finest manga series to its users. This website consists of categorized old and new manga based on choices of fans. This way the website is beneficial in providing the most recent releases of manga in all over the world. Users can obtain the brightness and dark mode features according to their comforts and this manga can be readed in mobile devices also. Additionally, the website allows you to share manga via email and facebook like social media.

Reason Behind Popularity of 1st Kiss Manga:

Each and every manga available on the website is variable and categorized as per the people’s interest and their age. However if we see that then Shounen and Shoujo manga is mostly preferred by the users for reading but the website also consists of Josei and Seinen. The website has the latter pair and former which is for 12 to 18 years old and 18 to 40 years old respectively. Similarly, Kodomomuke and Kodomo are available for the person below the age of 10.
Apart from genres, the website also offers alternative mangas on its dashboard such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Desire or combination of all these. It has a vast library of several collections in different but somehow this website is not going to serve its users anymore.

Safety Precautions on 1st Kiss Manga?

The website is very useful for manga enthusiasts but there has been continuous discussion going on about the safety majors of the website as the website shows unwanted pop ups, redirects to unknown websites and some have faced potential security issues. So, it is recommended to follow the safety precautions before going for the website or follow the safe alternatives.

1st Kiss Manga Top 10 Alternatives:

These top 10 alternatives focus on the safety of its users and keep them safe by removing unwanted ads and providing legal access to their collections. Due to this, user can read hassle free manga without any safety issues, you can visit below alternatives:

1. MangaOwl

The website is very easy to use and is filled up with the most recent releases so users can be accessed with the latest updates.

2. Manganelo

The website consists of a huge library of manga titles and it has a very user-friendly platform which focuses on users’ safety.

3. MangaFox

It also has a vast library and a very convenient user interface which makes it loved by manga enthusiasts.

4. MangaRock

The website has a library of multiple sources which is completely safe for reading to its users.

5. Crunchyroll

This platform is legally available for use and known as best for anime and manga lovers with a huge collection of titles.

6. MangaDex

This website provides its collections of manga in several languages to fulfill its users interest in reading experience.

7. MangaFreak

It has a manga categorized in different genres, languages, and others. Also, the easy to use interface.

8. MangaPark

This website is very simple and convenient for using which focuses on the safety of its users by providing them with the preferred titles.

9. MangaHere

It also has a vast collection of manga titles and the interface is very easy to use without any safety issues.

10. BookWalker

This website ensures the most enjoyable reading experience to its users and provides access to read manga and other soft novels.


In this blog we have provided every information related to 1st Kiss Manga which is known for providing several popular japanese mangas on its platforms and in different languages. However, we have also provided alternatives which are very safe for using and respect its users privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does 1stKissManga follow potential risks? 

Ans: To be precise, the other alternatives are recommended to use in safety concerns.

Q2: Do we need to pay for these alternatives? 

Ans: Some websites are free and some websites provide both free and premium options, so that you can choose according to your wants. 

Q3: Can we use these platforms on other devices? 

Ans: Absolutely, some of them offer to download their application so you can use the platform in your mobile device or any other devices.

Q4: How can we follow safety majors ? 

Ans: Always choose the website which provides secure connections that is HTTPS, have less ads and keeps your privacy safe.

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