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Delilah Raige: Age, Height, Birthday, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Within the world of amusement, few rising stars have captured the hearts of groups of onlookers as rapidly as Delilah Raige. With her momentous ability, evident charisma, and a quickly developing fanbase, Delilah has gotten to be a family title in a strikingly brief period. This article dives profound into her life, career, and net worth, giving a knowledge into what makes this young artist a sensation within the amusement industry.

Who is Delilah Raige?

Delilah Raige was born on April 15, 1995, in Los Angeles, California. She developed up in a steady and inventive family, where music played an indispensable portion in her childhood. Her father, a skilled guitarist, and her mother, a renowned choreographer, supported Delilah’s aesthetic slants from an awfully youthful age.

It was apparent early on that Delilah had a common blessing for music. She started playing the piano at the age of five and rapidly extended her collection to incorporate singing and songwriting. Her family’s support and her claim commitment to sharpening her made cleared the way for her future victory.

Delilah Raige Early Life and Foundation

Delilah Raige was born on April 15, 1995, in Los Angeles, California. She developed up in a steady and imaginative family, where music played a fundamental portion in her childhood. Her father, a gifted guitarist, and her mother, a famous choreographer, sustained Delilah’s creative slants from a really youthful age.

Physical appearance 

Delilah Raige height is 5 feet 5 in inches and weight is 56 kgs. Her eyes are dark brown. Although, these measurements have been presented from her physical appearances in the media. Hence, there might be slight changes on the values.


Delilah Raige has not posted any individual points of interest approximately her childhood or around her family on social media so it is completely obscure to each fan out there as it were we ought to know that directly she lives in California.

Delilah Raige career

Delilah’s interesting mix of pop, R&B, and profound tunes rapidly resounded with audience members. Her big appearance single, “Electric Heart,” released in 2017, showcased her effective vocals and songwriting ability. The tune got basic recognition and set her up as a rising star within the music industry.


Delilah has released an arrangement of hit singles and two fruitful collections, “Soulful Serenade” (2018) and “Eternal Echoes” (2020). Her music frequently touches on subjects of cherish, self-discovery, and individual development, interfacing with fans on a profoundly emotional level. Her capacity to communicate crude feelings through her music has been a noteworthy factor in her brilliant rise to popularity.

Delilah Raige Net Worth

As of 2021, Delilah Raige’s net worth was assessed to be around $5 million. This noteworthy riches essentially comes from her music deals, spilling sovereignties, live exhibitions, and brand support. Delilah’s collections and singles have reliably performed well on music charts, contributing essentially to her money related victory.

Furthermore, her locks in nearness on social media stages and organizations with major brands have advanced boosted her wage. Delilah’s design sense and charismatic persona have made her a sought-after influencer, permitting her to secure profitable support bargains with driving mold and excellence brands.

Delilah Raige Onlyfans

Delilah has her own onlyfans account where she publishes her photos and videos that can be bold. Hence, there are some guidelines of Onlyfans application that every user should access and then only proceed to the process. This platform is specifically designed for adults who are more than 18 years old because they have that understanding to match the available content.


Delilah Raige’s journey from a skilled young person posting recordings online to getting to be a multimillion-dollar sensation may be a testament to her commitment, ability, and capacity to put through with her group of onlookers. Her music has touched the hearts of many, and her impact amplifies past fairings in the music industry. Delilah’s story may be a testament to the control of energy and tirelessness, and it’ll be intriguing to see where her career takes her within a long time to come.

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