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How to Play Heardle 80s Number 1 Games in 2023

Playing Music Puzzle Games is the new trend developing over the internet. People are getting crazy to play new and latest games in music guessing games. One such famous gaming platform is known as Heardle 80s. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Heardle 1980s songs, its gameplay, process to play, etc.

What is Heardle 80s Game?

Headle launches a lot of versions of its game, for example:- heardle 60s, heardle 70s, and heardle 90s for music buffs.

One such version is Heardle 80s, which is a fresh tournament rendition of the widespread game Heardle, it’s for 80s melody buffs. This is an everyday interpretation of the game, every day you will have to imagine the phrase of a preferred song. Heardle retains a share comparison process that authorizes you to share the time you retain specifically specified.

How To Play Heardle 80s:

Due to its comfort of usage and the fact that you only retain six daily tries to finalize the task, the melody game link has fast enticed thousands of performers. Each piece of music in the Heardle 80s melody games is selected at random from an index of the greatly flowed music over the last ten years. We assume that this game is incredible for melody lovers and that it is established as an engaging daily challenge.

The Rules of the Game are Quite Straightforward:

The game’s authorized site conditions and the statutes are relatively easy. 

Below listed are some of the important rules of the game

  • You have to choose a competition from Heardle’s home porter, pay engagement to the foreword being played, and specify the melody. You must type your answer and select the music from the index of functional options.
  • You can even hit the skip switch to listen to addition melodiesody if you’re having difficulties trying to determine the music. You need to react as fast as you can and with the rarest number of trials.
  • You retain the chance to share your outcomes with your pals on social media after accurately foreseeing the melody. The result is then allocated jointly with a URL to the game’s site in the structure of small coloured crates.
  • You should exert a warning when trying to determine the song. 

According to the site:

  • You’re not having fun with the game accurately if you entirely penetrated the music title, slam submit, and obtained a false response. 
  • The game is striving for the title of that special melody, so you must select it from the choice.
  • To play the tournament correctly, you must assign the music from the index that seems as you type your answer.

How Does Heardle 80s Music Quiz Work?

  • The Music Quiz is an enjoyable and engaging manner to examine your understanding of the 1980s melody. 
  • The quiz is created in the form of mcq and every question has four probable replies. 
  • To play the quiz, just select the response you believe is accurate and shift on to the following question. 
  • The quiz is based on time, so you’ll be required to reply to as numerous queries as feasible before the period runs out.

The questions asked in the Music Quiz cover a broad spectrum of topics. Some queries will test your understanding of music lyrics, while others will concentrate on album covers or crew partners. The questions are developed to be questioning, so even if you deem yourself a melody specialist, you’re confident to memorize something fresh.

Benefits of Playing Heardle 80s Music Quiz

There are numerous motives why you should accept the Heardle 80s Music Quiz. 

Sharpen Your Music Understanding 

Foremost, it’s a pleasure and engaging to test your knowledge of 1980s music. Whether you’re a die-hard buff or only an informal listener, the examination is convinced to furnish a challenge.

Helps in Memorizing Iconic Music of the Old Era.

If you will seize the Heardle 80s Music Quiz can furthermore be an incredible way to memorize more about this iconic period of melody. The questions include a broad spectrum of subjects, so you’re confident to find out something fresh about your dearest crews and artists.

Helps in Making youngsters Familiar With Different Forms of Music, and Artists

The Music Quiz can furthermore be a tremendous path to propose youthful ages to the melody of the 1980s and more ancient music. With so many melodies obtainable today, it can be overwhelming for youthful ages to know where to begin. By taking part in the quiz, they can understand nearly the iconic artists, musicians, lyricists and most importantly music of the 1980s and improve a recent fondness for the melody of history.

  • Helps You Unite with Different People According to their Taste in Music

Finally, seizing the  Music Quiz can be an extraordinary route to bond with pals and household members who share your devotion to melody. You can put up the quiz concurrently and notice who arrives out on top. It’s a pleasure and a social way to spend an afternoon or dusk.

In addition to providing a pleasurable way to interrogate your melody proficiency, the Heardle 80s Music Quiz can furthermore be an extraordinary way to enhance your recollection. Recollection tournaments and examinations have existed to enhance cognitive processes and enhance memory recollection. By regularly challenging yourself with the examination, you can maintain your brain strong and enhance your overall cognitive process.

All the deviations use SoundCloud for reserving all the melody on their tournament and all the Heardle tournaments are internet-based competitions and you retain to have fun while the internet is on. The interface of the tournament is instinctive and everybody just adores playing this competition. You should furthermore try additional variants of this game like heardle 60s, heardle 70s, heardle 80s and heardle 90s.

Know about Heardle 80s 1

We will provide you with information about the number 1 game of Heardle 80’s in this topic and the answers to the available daily puzzles of this famous Heardle like game! Today, we will wrap up the game with daily answers to the challenges given by the game’s editor. You will find here links to monthly topics that are prepared day by day. After focusing on the common levels of the game Heardle 80’s No. 1, here is the answer key for today’s answers. This puzzle is specifically dedicated to Heardle 80’s October Daily Puzzle Answers for Number 1.

Heardle 80s answer today

You can use this topic to learn what you need to solve today’s puzzle: Hurdle 80’s No. 1 October. This day was successfully solved, I am sharing it with you to help those who are struggling to find the words. Let me remind you that this game is available for free on its website and you have to find one word every day. Birdle is changing on a daily frequency which means if you have completed today’s challenge, you cannot play before tomorrow etc.

  1. For October 3

Stained love – soft cell,

  1. For October 4th

Now who could it be – men at work,

  1. Heardle 80’s Number 1 October 5 Answer

I want to wake up with you – Boris Gardiner,

  1. October 6th Answer

Together Forever – Rick Astley

  1. October 7th Answer

Jealous Boy – Roxy Music

  1. October 8th Answer

You Keep Me Hangin’ On – Kim Wilde

  1. October 9 Answer

I don’t want nothing from you – Brothers

  1. October 10th Answer

Hangin’ Tough – New Kids on the Block


In the decision, the Heardle 80s Music Quiz is a joyful and interesting manner to examine your understanding of 1980s melody. Whether you’re a die-hard buff or merely an informal listener, the examination is confident to furnish a challenge and assist you understand more about the iconic melody of the 1980s. So why not provide it with an attempt and notice how greatly you understand the melody that characterized an era?

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