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Humble ISD’s Current Enrollment Numbers and Analysis

Humble Independent School District (Humble ISD) is a renowned public faculty district in Humble, Texas, a thriving suburb of Houston. The community spans 90 square miles of land and serves an outstanding pupil population of over 48,000 in 90 colleges. Since its inception in 1919, Humble ISD has converted from a small rural district into one of the country’s most essential and maximum diverse districts. 

The core venture of HAC Humble is to broaden students intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically, and socially, fostering a network of lifelong inexperienced persons, essential thinkers, responsible international citizens, and effective communicators. The district envisions inspiring innovative thinkers who will contribute superbly to the world.

Humble ISD’s Current Enrollment Numbers

According to information from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for the 2021-22 faculty yr, Humble ISD recorded a total scholar enrollment of 47,477. This determination shows a marginal 1.1% lower than the preceding 12 months’ enrollment of 48,112 college students. Despite the mild dip in numbers, Humble ISD proudly is the 25th largest district in Texas among 1,203 communities.

Humble ISD embraces range, with 41.4% of college students coming from economically deprived backgrounds, 10.2% being unique education college students, and 10.7% as emergent bilingual or English novices. The district’s dedication to offering a fantastic education for all college students, regardless of their history or desires, is evident in its spectacular scholar-instructor ratio of 14.8, lower than the kingdom average of 15.3. Furthermore, the district boasts an average trainer revenue of $63,749, surpassing the country average of $57,091.

Humble ISD’s Academic Performance

Humble ISD’s determination to achieve academic excellence is reinforced through the effects of its overall performance evaluations using the TEA. The district proudly earned a B rating for its standard overall performance in diverse vital areas, including pupil achievement, college progress, and remaining gaps.

Additionally, Humble ISD received six different designations for academic excellence in essential topics, including reading, math, technology, social research, postsecondary readiness, and comparative final gaps. These accolades testify to the district’s unwavering dedication to nurturing nicely-rounded schooling for its numerous student frame.

The Future of Humble ISD

Looking ahead, Humble ISD remains committed to upholding its venture and vision for the benefit of its college students. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and different outside elements, the district has maintained a stable and balanced scholar population.

As the district progresses into the future, it will retain to leverage its instructional achievements and improvements to encourage and empower its students. Dr. Elizabeth Celania-Fagen, the esteemed superintendent of Humble ISD, expressed her confidence in the district’s vibrant destiny: “We are pleased with our past accomplishments and excited about our future opportunities.”

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