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Pixwox: How to Download Anything from Instagram for Free in 2023


Are you tired of the lengthy manual process of downloading stories, photos, and videos from Instagram? If your answer is yes, don’t worry! We have a solution for you: the Pixwox App which is available on both Play Store and App Store. This remarkable app is designed to effortlessly handle the task of downloading stories, photos, and videos automatically. The best part is It won’t cost a single penny! Say goodbye to the hassle and embrace the convenience of this free app.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is the best app for downloading Instagram stories, photos, and videos quickly in one tap. You can save anything from Instagram to your phone in very simple steps. 

You can not only download Instagram stories or anything. You can also browse stories and it’s very useful for quickly downloading stories, videos or images. This app is very useful in many ways like you can browse Instagram or you can save anything from Instagram that too in one click. It’s the perfect app for instagram lovers.

Benefits of Pixwox

The benefits of pixwox is it automatically downloads  instagram pictures, videos, highlights, and stories. You can also use its customization options to enhance your instagram experience.

There is some benefits of using Pixwox:

  • You can download anything from instagram within just a few steps.
  • You can use its customization feature to personalize your experience.
  • It gives you the ability to save or download anything from instagram and you can watch it offline easily.
  • Now you can share photos and videos to friends from instagram to anywhere.

How does Pixwox work?

Pixwox app works very simply, it just takes a screenshot of instagram stories and saves it to your phone. So you can see it anytime on your phone. This app is totally free to use and you can use it on Android and iOS as well.

How to Pixwox Download:

Here is step-by-step process to download Pixwox

1. Open your Play Store or App Store on your device.

2. Search “Pixwox” 

3.  Once you locate the app, simply tap on the “Get” button, followed by the “Install” button.

4. Enter your password for Apple ID for iOS.

5. The app will start downloading after this process.


Is Pixwox free to use?

Pixwox is totally free to use. It is an app which helps users to download pictures, stories, videos for instagram.

Is Pixwox Safe?

Yes, it is a verified and totally safe app, it is available on App Store and Play Store as well.

Your data is safe and secured and it is never shared with anyone.

Is there a limit on download ?

No, there is no such limit on downloading photos and videos. But, we suggest that to avoid any issue you can download a maximum 500MB daily.


If you are also an instagram lover, and you love to share photos and videos then this app is for you. So don’t wait, go download it and share this article with friends and family so they can also know this 

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