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Quick Guide to ShipStation: Plan subscriptions, Quantity and Costs


To that end, Auctane ShipStation provides a robust shipping and order management platform for companies. Despite its usefulness, users may be hit with hidden fees sometimes. In this piece, we’ll discuss why Shipstation could charge you and what you can do to keep your expenses costs down.

Plans for Subscriptions

Subscriptions are one of ShipStation’s main sources of income. The features and number of packages sent each month included in each plan varies. To prevent overspending on features your company won’t really use, it’s crucial to assess your requirements and choose a plan accordingly.

Quantity Transported

Costs for using ShipStation might vary depending on how often you send packages. ShipStation may assess additional fees depending on the total quantity of labels generated or packages sent. This emphasizes the need to streamline your shipping procedure and eliminating the need for duplicate labels.

Modifications and Add-ons

ShipStation may be customised with a number of available plugins and extensions. While they have the potential to be very helpful, they may also have some hidden drawbacks. It’s important to look into the costs of any ShipStation integrations or extras before deciding to use them.

International Trade and Customs Procedures

Additional costs such as customs duties, taxes, and handling fees may be incurred if your company engages in overseas shipment. Although ShipStation’s features might simplify international shipment, you should always budget for any unexpected fees that may arise.

Supplemental Functions and Resources

ShipStation’s paid offerings include in-depth analytics, customised tracking pages, and custom packing slips, among others. There may be extra costs, but they may greatly improve your shipping processes. To keep prices down, you should think long and hard about whether or not these additions are really necessary for your company.


If you want to strike a good balance between the platform’s advantages and related expenses, you need to understand why ShipStation charged you. You may get the most out of ShipStation without breaking the bank by giving some thought to the following: your membership plan; your shipment volume; your add-ons and integrations; the carriers you use; foreign shipping prices; and the premium services you might need.

Keep in mind that ShipStation’s primary objective is to provide companies with the resources they need to effectively manage their shipping operations. The expenditures of using ShipStation may be an investment in the future of your company if you make smart choices and put the platform to good use.

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