Complete Guide on Safe Shop Login & Registration Process in 2023

A platform that lets you learn and earn! Excited? Safe Shop India is registered by Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt Ltd. This is a direct selling website that allows its users to purchase a product, promote it and sell it further. This process helps them to generate retail profit and allows the middleman as well to earn money. Through this article, we will let you know about Safe shop India login id, its benefits, and how an applicant can register himself on the website. Let’s get closer to the amazing MLM chain.

What is Safe Shop?

Safe Shop is a popular online marketplace, offers various products. The site is popular because of its user-friendliness, the quality of its products, and the security of its payment options. To access the platform’s resources, users must first log in. Customers must first provide their Safe shop details to access the Safe Shop India online store. After signing onto the site, users can access its many functions, such as shopping, browsing, cart management, and making payments.

What is Safe Shop Login & Registration?

MLM Marketing and such business plans are at boom in India. The platforms that will make you learn and earn at the same time. Safe Shop is one of the popular websites among the users that is attracting audiences. By collaborating with national and international brand manufacturing users can get multiple benefits by logging into this platform. To know the Safe Shop Login & Registration process there is a process to follow. Although there is no rocket science in the process. The portal implies education covering a variety of subjects that results in enhancing knowledge and money. 

How to Register on Safe Shop Online?

To take benefits from this platform, users are required to to register on it. If you want to experience Safe Shop you will be required to follow a process that is mentioned below:

  1. Go to your preferred browser.
  2. Enter Safe Shop Online.
  3. Select the appropriate link to visit.
  4. Tap on Login at the top of the home page.
  5. Enter your reference ID & password.
  6. You’ll be redirected to a new page.
  7. Click on New Direct Seller Button.
  8. You’ll see complete charts, now you have to select an empty option.
  9. You’ll see parent ID & name.
  10. Click on Confirm.
  11.  Users will be redirected to a new page where you’re required to enter details.
  12. Enter username, name, email address, Mobile number, account number, Account type, Password and Confirm Password.
  13. Click on the Submit panel.
  14. Enter OTP and you’re successfully registered.

Steps to Login on Safe Shop India:

After successful registration, users are required to login on the platform. By logging in you can scroll the features, content and further proceedings. Below mentioned steps will take you through the login process:

  1. Visit the official website of Safe Shop.
  2. Click on the login panel at the top.
  3. Enter your credentials.
  4. Click on the login button.
  5. Now, enter your previous password, a new password, confirm password and enter OTP.
  6. Once you’ve verified OTP, you can click on submit.
  7. Now, you’re redirected to a new page. After accepting the terms and conditions, you will see agreement pages.
  8. Once you read out those pages, click on submit.
  9. Enter your freshly created password and login.

Overview to Safe Shop Registration & Login:

BrandSafe Shop Login
PortalSafe Shop
BeneficiaryEvery Indian who is interested in Affiliate Marketing Plans
DirectorSudhir Kumar Gupta & Akbal Ali Khan

Is there any Joining fee for Safe Shop India? 

Users need to pay INR 500/- to join the platform. This is exclusive of product charges. This fee is just to join and avail further benefits and advantages of Safe Shop. Consumers can make huge earnings from such a small amount. Furthermore, all you need to do is to pay this fee and purchase the products.

Impact of Safe Shop India in Global Market:

To maximize product sales, Safe shop India partners with well-known companies whose names consumers recognize. The firm sells various goods, including those for the classroom, the home, and the IT world, and clothing for both men and women. Items include kitchenware, Ayurvedic remedies, water filters, and more.

The firm sells its wares in four categories: apparel, household goods, health and beauty, and bags and suitcases. The price at which every item is made accessible to the consumer is very low.

The Business Plan for a Safe Shop in 2023

The MLM Business Plan at Safe Shop is open to anybody and doesn’t cost anything to sign up for. Remember that, at first, not all the money goes to you. After signing up with Safe Shop, the new member is referred to as a DS, short for direct seller. You can know about the benefits you may get from Safe Shop after you reach DS status.

  • Sales of Products

If you sign up with the Safe Shop, you’ll be able to start selling DS, i.e. products to other people. Safe Shop’s SSP (Safe Shop Price) is cheaper than the MSRP (Minimum Retail Price) of the items it sells through DS (Direct Sellers).

The SSP is a predetermined price for the direct seller to purchase and resell a Safe Shop product. This is Safe Shop’s first retail profit since opening.

  • To Recruit

Recruiting others is the second step to making extra money with a multi-level marketing firm like Safe Shop. You must recruit more people interested in the Safe Shop items and encourage them to purchase.

Expanding your user base is not the only way to generate revenue. Your earnings will be proportional to the amount of merchandise your down line buys. Therefore, your earnings will increase according to the number of individuals that purchase your down line items. As your down line grows and product sales increase, you’ll begin to get more revenue. BV (Business Volume) is a major factor in this case.

Benefits of Safe Shop Store:

Safe Store offers its customers several benefits. Some of the primary benefits include the following:

  • Safe shop India is a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs, with products spanning many industries, including electronics, clothing, and home and kitchen
  • Safe Shop India offers Safe payment options like cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, and net banking
  • The user-friendliness of Safe Shop India’s design means that customers can quickly browse the products they need without any difficulty
  • Safe Store India is a popular option since it offers discounts and deals on items

Tips to follow while using Safe Shop India

While it is a simple navigated website that can be accessed in a simple process. Although it is always advisable to follow some tips to avoid any harm. Below given is a guide that should be followed before using this platform:

  1. The platform does not ask for any registration fee although you’re required to submit a joining fee.
  2. Be aware of the scams based on the same names. Thus, it is suggestable to visit the official and verified platform.
  3. Read and follow all the instructions and guides given on the portal.
  4. If there is a need for any meeting and guidance, it is advisable to visit their nearby office branch instead of contacting somebody else who might put you in a scam.
  5. You need to add at least two users for verifying your account as a direct seller.

Reality of Safe Shop India:

The business participates in cutting-edge initiatives that improve product distribution by using human resources more effectively. The company’s customer service is responsive and handled with care.

In reality, the corporation cares deeply about its staff members. And they carry themselves with an impressive sense of duty whenever they interact with consumers. There is complete honesty between the corporation and its direct sellers and other clients, and the business model is stable. Business customs ensure that direct sellers and their customers remain on good terms.

With state-of-the-art servers in the United States and the company’s headquarters in New Delhi, India, employees can constantly contact each other. Buyers may shop from any location because transactions occur on a digital platform.


With a focus on bringing you the rarest of business possibilities to help you make money while expanding your knowledge, Safe Shop Login id India was established in 2000. To help individuals in India realize their aspirations, Safe Shop India offers innovative courses, lucrative business possibilities, and top-notch goods and services worldwide. 

Because of their vision and goods, they have thousands of direct dealers throughout the length and breadth of India. Direct merchants and consumers may be kept as loyal as possible with excellent customer service. Interacting with consumers through chat, phone, mail, fax, and email is a part of this, as is promptly responding to their inquiries and concerns.

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