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Shari Jordan: Age, Husband, Education, Career, Net Worth & Death

Today we’ll delve into the life of an unsettling world surrounding one of America’s extensively notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, through the life of his former stepmother, Shari Jordan. Although details about Jordan’s early life remain hidden, her link to Dahmer thrusts her into the limelight, especially among avid followers of true crime stories.

Who Is Shari Jordan? 

Shari Jordan came to be the stepmother of Jeffery Dahmer, an infamous American serial killer, and sex lawbreaker accountable for the gruesome killings and dismemberment of seventeen immature men between 1978 and 1991. Her relationship with this dark history started in 1978 when she wedded Lionel Dahmer, who was already the dad of Jeffery Dahmer.

Jeffery Dahmer’s biological parents Joyce and Lionel parted ways when Jeffrey was a child, leading to Lionel’s remarriage to Shari Jordan.

Lionel Dahmer, in recognition of standing as Jeffery’s dad, wrote a book titled “A Father’s Story,” which delves into his viewpoint on his son’s exertions. Born in 1936 in West Allis, Wisconsin, Lionel is still alive as of 2023. He has also taken part in several interviews pursuing the disclosure of his son’s egregious offences to the populace.

Shari Jordan’s Age And Birthdate 

Shari Jordan was born on May 8th, 1953. Her home was Columbus, Ohio, a northeastern state in the USA. Her dad’s name is Howard M.

Physical Appearances: 

Shari Jordan was measured at 5 feet 6 inches, Shari’s no giant, but she’s not pint-sized. 

This places her squarely in the standard range for American ladies. As for her weight, Shari wanted to keep that personal, as many VIPs do. But if we had to imagine founded on images, she peeks to be within a healthy span.

However,  we are not sure about it and not much is known about her bodily formation.

What Is Shari Jordan’s Background?

Shari grew up in a Small Town. She was born in the USA. Her nationality was American.

Shari hightailed it out of there as soon as she could to seek fame and fortune as an actress in Hollywood.

After a string of bit roles and commercials, Shari eventually got her big break in the late ’90s, starring as Sassy Sidekick in the hit show Teen Wasteland.


According to the sources, not much is known about Shari Jordan’s educational qualifications.

Career Of Shari Jordan

There is irrational data about Shari Jordan’s employment or whatever career she has embarked on. In an explosive Larry King Live conversation in 2004, Shari Jordan implied that she was proud of the Dahmer name, unlike her son, David, whom she had with Lionel Dahmer

According to her, she utilized the phrase when she was in the industry world. This means she is employed to have a career, despite the humiliation of her stepson’s terrible deeds. She was most probably into business.

Shari Jordan Family

Shari Jordan wedded Lionel Dahmer in 1978. Lionel was the dad of Jeffrey Dahmer, whom he retained from his last marriage with Joyce Dahmer (nee Flint).

Joyce Dahmer reportedly had problems with hypochondria and left Lionel after the court authorized him to keep custody of the family home until the final divorce concession.

Her mother’s name is Olive Jean Miller. She enjoyed a joyful upbringing with her parents until the juncture when she incorporated into a wedding with Lionel Dahmer.

She furthermore gave birth to a daughter from a past relationship and came to be a grandmother to five kids.

She saw Jeffery Dahmer as “powerless” and felt a powerful longing to care for him as a mother would. Also, she spoke of how Jeffrey was “disconcerted and ashamed” of his parent’s divorce but was skilled at covering his true emotions.

She recognized that Jeffrey had a drinking difficulty and once snagged him and passed out in a drunken nap. Jeffery would put back empty liquor bottles with water, to conceal his difficulties.

She and Lionel endorsed their son during his court appearances for slaughtering 17 people, believing he was suffering from mental illness and that a part of his soul had died years ago.

Shari Jordan’s Spouse?

Her husband is named Lionel Herbert Dahmer, also known simply as Lionel Dahmer. His relationship with her family took a dark turn due to the heinous actions of their elder child, who has earned him the title of the “Father of a serial killer.” Lionel Dahmer was born on July 29th, 1936.

During his educational years, Lionel followed his education at Marquette University, where he delved into the area of chemistry. His devotion led him to graduate from the academy and subsequently become a full-fledged research chemist. Lionel’s conventional origins give an impression of German and Welsh ancestry.

Shari Jordan Net Worth

It is crucial to understand Shari Jordan because she is not a famous figurine nor had durable employment. Hence it is tough to understand her net worth.


Shari Jordan’s early life has not been known completely. She was private about her personal information but after her marriage, her stepson’s deeds highlighted the lives of his parents.

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