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A warm welcome to all readers! In this blog we are going to discuss which is a very popular website for providing free movies in a vast collection. However there have been increasing issues found in the safety, legality and the using its app. Let’s dive in to know more about and explore each and everything about it to make sure the safety and the privacy before using the website or its app.


There are several collections of movies and the television shows available on the website which is completely free for watching. The main reason behind the popularity of the website is its vast collection of new to old movies with every genre and eras. Once we open the website then the user interface of the website is also very easy to understand and use but somehow the safety and legality of the website is being challenged. Free Movies Download free movies can be easily streamed and downloaded without finding any challenges in using its user interface. The website has a vast collection of the movies in several languages and the genres which range from new movies to old movies. Although we need to be aware of the challenges we may get in both safety and legality while downloading the free movies from the website.

Because we need to think that the movies which are freely available on its website are somehow pirated from its original deserving platforms and creators. That’s why it is really offensive in terms of law and order also and there have been many restrictions imposed and the punishments are given to the responsible person and people associated with the website can also be a part of it.

Using the App

There is app which is also easily accessible for downloading the free movies apart from its website. To get the app you need to download it from the unofficial browsing sites because it is not available on the valid app stores such as Google Playstore and Apple App store. 

However downloading the app from unofficial sources can lead to additional risks to your devices and can also interfere with your personal security.

Is Safe?

There are many challenges that have been found regarding the safety of the Since the contents available on the website is copied and copyrighted because it does not have any permission to upload any movie on its website. So if you choose the platform to download or stream any movie or TV shows then there can be a cyber risk  which includes piracy of your personal data, viruses entering in devices and several junks miles can be created.

Hence It is always advised to use VPN network or any strong antivirus for safety precaution before using the or any similar websites. One needs to be aware of the risk challenges from this type of website.

Is Legal?

The website does not follow any copyright regulations, that’s why the legality of the website is challenging and against the law for one to access it for downloading or streaming any movie or shows.

Websites similar to have already faced many consequences and charges for uploading the copyrighted materials so there are rising questions as to whether is safe or not, for personal security it is never recommended to stream or download any movies from the website. 

Legal Alternative to

If you are really interested in watching and downloading the movies and you don’t really want to get stuck in the privacy challenging issues then you can go for the several legal websites and the platforms which offer vast library of movies with all types of movies from new to old, from hindi to english languages and many more in just some of the subscription fee. Some of the legal platforms are Amazon prime videos, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and many others.

By choosing the trust worthy platforms users can be free of stresses like the piracy issues and many other legal issue possibilities.

Conclusion may look easy in accessing for streaming and downloading the movies and TV shows but that comes with a chance of risks in the serious legality issues regarding its copyrighted material and the law offence. The copyrighted content directly affects the film industry which also includes the directors, actors and all other people associated with the movie.

Legal Platforms like Amazon prime videos, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and many others are available with all categories of movies and the best quality which can be provided from HD to 4K and more than that which can be used for streaming and downloading the movies without any risks and legal challenges.

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