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How to Get Free ZYN Rewards List Codes & Start Earning in 2023

A warm welcome to all readers!! In this blog we are going to discuss ZYN Rewards which is a program that surprises its real customers with exciting bonus points while purchasing its products. Let’s dive in to know more about the program.

Know about Zyn Reward

Zyn reward is a platform for the people who are addicted to tobacco and nicotine and it believes in giving something back to its loyal customer base that they deserve for being loyal towards it. It is not for the child, women with breastfeeding or pregnancy, a heart patient and a person with blood pressure issues. Though, you should get proper consultation from your healthcare professionals before using it. 

This is a special rewards program that helps you to earn bonus points by buying ZYN products, sharing ZYN on social media or referring it to your friends. Then the user can redeem the points to get special merchandise, discounts on nicotine pouches and other rewards. This program is a great way to stay connected with the brands and save money. To join the  ZYN Reward program the age verification, registration and login is mandatory.

Working process of Zyn Rewards:

It is a product selling program and there is a usual campaign organized by ZYN. So in every campaign it releases its unique nicotine brands in which some special codes are given and the customer can use those codes for earning multiple rewards on ZYN Reward platform by providing their login details. Each code or can gives almost 15 rewards and it can be maximized by buying more ZYN cans or sharing the program with others.

How to create an account on Zyn Rewards:

ZYN Rewards login process involves few easy steps and below are mentioned steps:

  1. From any of the search browsers visit the ZYN website.
  2. Click on the sign up tab given.
  3. Provide proper details such as name, address, email, and other.
  4. Once information is filled then press the finish process tab.
  5. Choose the preferred ZYN products and go for purchasing.
  6. Find the unique code given on the bottom label.
  7. Once found then visit the page for ZYN Reward.
  8. Provide the zyn rewards login details.
  9. Follow the step by step guidance given and provide the unique code.
  10. As soon as you enter the code then the reward points will be initiated in your account.

ZYN Reward List:

If you are a member of ZYN and you have gathered an amount of points which can be used for redeeming rewards then from below zyn reward list you can get exciting brand merchandises such as:

  • Poster
  • Brumate
  • Bag and Hoodie
  • Cornhole Set
  • Apron
  • Range Finder
  • Bottle Opener
  • Grill and more.

How to Earn Points?

Once the amount of points is collected then you can follow the below steps to redeem ZYN merch:

  1. Open your ZYN account by signing in
  2. A tab given on the side menu called as ZYN Rewards.
  3. Choose your preferred merchandise.
  4. You will get to know how many points are required to redeem that.
  5. Step by step guidance will be shown for completing the process.
  6. Once finished then wait until the confirmation email is received.

In general, within 4 or 6 weeks we receive our merchandise at our doorstep.

Rules and Regulations:

For redeeming the rewards from the program, we need to concentrate on some of the major rules and that is:

  • According to rules, if you have gathered reward earning points more than 600$ within a year then you need to provide some sort of security number and other details to Don Joga Associates who is a sponsor as he visits your address. Also, IRS 1099 form will be asked to fill out and then only you will be able to receive the rewards.
  • In a month, not more than 60 codes can be utilized and for more we need to wait for next month. If codes inserted incorrectly then should be informed within 15 days.
  • Found codes should be kept for a minimum 90 days for proof otherwise there might be an issue in earning rewards.
  • If you have not earned or visited the dormant account for the next 6 months then that account can be freezed and the available points can also be deleted.
  • Doing cheating by providing false email addresses or anything can prohibit you from the program.
  • There are additional taxes on each reward which we have to accept.
  • 120 days prior codification will be given if your account is going to be discontinued from ZYN.

Who is eligible for ZYN Rewards?

Anyone who wants to use the program then needs to follow some laws and legal notices as it operates in the United States of America.

  • It is basically open for those who are legal residents of the USA’s 50 States and the District of Columbia.
  • Minimum required for participation is 21 years.
  • Those who work in the ZYN and their family members also cannot participate in the program as such to maintain fair play between everyone.
  • Companies which have large capital are not allowed to participate and also the big clubs.

It is only available for people belonging to the USA and does not belong to any of the above categories. If it is so then he or she can easily participate, can earn points and can redeem rewards based on the collected points.

Prices Offered On ZYN Rewards

ZYN Rewards is a loyalty campaign crafted to reward its consumers. When you earn enough points for reward, then, you can redeem rewards as points on ZYN Rewards website and get premium brand merchandise such as:

  • Hoodie
  • Bottle Opener
  • Special Bag
  • Cornhole Set
  • Poster
  • Range Finder
  • Apron
  • Brumate
  • Grill and more.

As long as you’re a member of ZYN’s customer base,  you’ll get loyalty gifts and rewards. And if your chosen reward is not available, then they will restock it in sometime.


In this blog we have taken you through the program known as ZYN Rewards which allows you to redeem several products from the codes collected from ZYN nicotine pouches. Although there are certain rules and eligibility criteria which need to be followed for redeeming the rewards from the platform and also there is some limitation for a month and year so that you know how many points you can collect within a month and within a year.

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