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Alaina Mathers: Age, Height, Date of Birth, Parents & Net Worth

Alaina Marie Scott, often alluded to as Alaina Mathers, is one of the three children of the incredible rapper Eminem, whose genuine name is Marshall Mathers. Let us know more about her in this article.

About Alaina Mathers

Alaina Mathers age is 30 years as she was born on February 22, 1993, in Michigan and contains a noteworthy presence in Eminem’s life, as he lawfully adopted her in the early 2000s. Alaina’s mother, Dawn Scott, was Kim Scott’s sister (Eminem’s ex-wife) and battled with drug use. 

Appallingly, Dawn Scott passed away in 2016 from a suspected overdose, and Eminem has since had full guardianship of Alaina.

Early Years

Alaina’s early life was marked by her close association with Eminem and his family. She was raised by Eminem and Kim, living with them wherever they went.

Eminem often mentions her in his verses, especially in the 2004 hit tune “Mockingbird,” where he tenderly raps about her. Alaina developed up in a one-of-a-kind family dynamic and has remained an imperative portion of Eminem’s life.

Physical Qualities

Specific points of interest around Alaina Mathers’ physical traits are not broadly publicised. She inclines toward preserving her protection and remains out of the open eye, unlike her popular father.

So, it is clear to understand that she has no interest in making her physical qualities public while focusing on her travel blogging.

Who are Aliana Mathers’ parents? 

Alaina’s family is fundamentally composed of Eminem, her adopted father, and Hailie Jade Scott, Eminem’s biological girl with Kim Scott. Hailie and Alaina share a close bond and have experienced an interesting family dynamic developing up.

Hence, she is under the lens due to the popularity of her father. Further, Aliana Mathers siblings are Hailie Jade, Patrick Scott, Adam Scott, and Stevie Laine Mathers.


Alaina attended Oakland University, where she earned an arts degree in communication with a double minor in public relations and publicising. Her interest in higher education illustrates her commitment to individual and scholastic growth.

So, it is easy to understand here that she is one of the brightest star kids in education and academics.


Alaina has effectively sought a career as a travel blogger, utilising stages like Instagram to share her enterprises and experiences with her supporters. Her substance shows how energised she is almost voyaging, which empowers her to proceed with her bunch of individuals and share her experiences.

She is interested in continuing her travel blogging work and doesn’t plan to switch to any other profession any time soon.


Alaina Mathers got to be locked into her longtime accomplice, Matt Moeller, in December 2021. A staggering engagement ring set with an emerald-cut precious stone stamped their housetop proposition as a way to celebrate their adores. 

After that, Alaina and Matt Moeller were hitched in an open-air ceremony in Detroit, Michigan, in June 2023. With family and companions there, such as bridesmaid Hailie and prep Eminem, who happily escorted Alaina down the path, the wedding was a blissful occasion.

She is still in the same relationship and enjoying the love of her life.

Is Aliana Mathers available on Social Media? 

Modern population understands the value of social media, Hence, Alaina remains dynamic on social media, especially Instagram.

You can find her offering upgrades around her life and her travel undertakings with her adherents. Her web persona gives impressions into her individual life, interests, and encounters.

Hence, she is not a shy kind but an enthusiastic social media star and Aliana Mathers Instagram is an experience to watch.

What is the Net Worth of Aliana Mathers?

As she is the girl of the most noteworthy rappers of all time, she has no concerns related to riches. She appreciates a comfortable and extravagant way of life. She is subordinate to her father.

Her father’s net worth is about $190 million. She doesn’t possess any resources at the show. But being the daughter of one of the wealthiest specialists of all time, she is getting a charge out of a luxurious way of life with her family.

Coming to the specific net worth of Aliana only, there are no confirmed resources for the same.


Hence, it is easy to understand that Alaina Mathers, the embraced girl of Eminem, has lived a life closely interlaced with her celebrated father’s journey. 

She has pursued a career as a travel blogger and kept up a presence on social media, permitting her to connect with her gathering of people and share her adventures. She has also celebrated critical life turning points. It includes her engagement and consequent wedding to Matt Moeller, with the support of her family, including Eminem and her sister, Hailie. 

All through her life, Alaina has been a cherished and esteemed part of Eminem’s family, and she proceeds to lead a satisfying and gutsy life.

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