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Bess Katramados: Age, Height and Weight, Affair, Married, Husband, Net Worth

Bess Katramados is an American professional model who is popularly known for being a celebrity wife. She came in the limelight when she was married to WWE star Paul Donald Wight II. Although Bess is the second wife of Paul. Let’s discuss her life such as her family background, early life, education, net worth, previous relationship, and much more.

Who is Bess Katramados?

Bess Katramado is an American lady most known for being the wife of WWE star wrestler Paul Donald Wight II, popularly known as Big Show. They’ve been together since 2002 and she is his second wife. She worked as a model and a fitness instructor before marrying Big Show. She has also worked as a fitness instructor, marketer, and trainer for her husband.

Bess Katramados Biography:

Bess was born and grew up in the United States. She was born to a christian family. She holds American nationality and has caucasian ethnicity. Katramados became a popular personality after becoming the wife of the Big Show. Although, she kept her early life and background private. 

Bess Age:

Bess came to the world in 1973. In July 2023, she celebrated her 50th birthday. Although there is no such information about her recent birthday celebration. She got in the news again in 2020, when her husband appeared in a NetFlix show ‘The Big Show Show’.

Bess Katramados Physical Appearance:

Bess Katramado is a stunning woman with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. She stands 5′ 8″ tall and weighs 64 kilogrammes. She has a thin, toned body that displays her love of fitness. Additionally, she is a kind and kind person who puts her family first. She prefers to keep her life private and is not particularly active on social media.

Bess Katramados Early Life:

She was close to her grandparents and was raised in a Christian household. She took part in various modelling contests held at her school and worked as a part-time model. She followed her career as a model full-time after finishing high school and travelled extensively for business.

Bess Katramado Education:

Bess had not much interest in studies from the beginning. But, she went to Illinois High School to pursue education and as a result she did not perform well. Although she has started her struggle to pursue acting from high school time. Bess tried to do activities that could lead her to become a globally popular actress.

Bess Katramados Career

Before she wed Big Show, Bess Katramados dos was a popular model. She collaborated with numerous modelling agencies and appeared in a variety of publications and commercials. But she decided to give up her job and become a housewife after getting married. She gave her entire attention to caring for her husband and kids. By serving as his trainer, promoter, and fitness instructor, she also helped finance her husband’s wrestling career. She inspired him during his games and assisted him with maintaining his fitness.

Bess Katramados Family

Big Show and Bess Katrama dos got along well after meeting at a party. After Big Show’s divorce from his first wife, Melissa Ann Piavis, with whom he had a daughter, they were wed on February 11, 2002. A boy and a daughter were born to Bess and Big Show together. They are locals of Miami, Florida. Bess also has a relationship with Big Show’s daughter from a previous union.

Bess Katramados Siblings

Although she kept her personal life private. Even her parents and siblings’ information is not available. After she got married to Big Show she has kept a lot of things about her life in private and there are no such details out.

Bess Katramados Marriage & Relationship 

Bess and The Big Show’s Love story is not like a traditional love story that has been established for years. They got to the limelight when they got married. Paul Donal Wight II who is famous with his stage name The Big Show already had a marriage. He was first married to Melissa Ann Piavis in 1997. Unfortunately, the couple broke their marriage in 2002. Here comes Bess into the story. Just after 5 days of Paul’s divorce he got married to Bess. This act shock their fans and the couple got popular across the world.

Bess Katramaod’s Husband The Big Show

The big show is popular with his work in WWE matches. He was born on February 08, 1972 in South Carolina. He was born to Paul Donal Wight while her mother and siblings’ information is kept private. Paul has developed an interest in wrestling during his childhood. He had an attractive appearance from an early age. As he had a huge physique and massive body measurements. He has a successful career of 20 years in wrestling. However, he has received multiple titles such as wrestler of the year, Bragging rights trophy, match of the year award, and much more.

Bess Katramados Net Worth

However, Bess has dropped her modeling and acting after her marriage. As they say, behind every successful man, there is an understanding woman. In this case, Bess has played the role of that woman. She supported The Big Show throughout his career. Although she still has a net worth of $3 Million. She left her career but his husband still has a good source of income from brand collaborations and endorsements.

Facts about Bess

  • Bess Katramado enjoys a variety of interests and pastimes that keep her occupied and content. 
  • She enjoys reading, Us Weekly watching films, listening to music, and cooking wonderful meals for her family. 
  • Along with her husband and kids, she also likes to travel and experience various cultures and cuisines.

Hobbies and interests

Bess Katramado enjoys a variety of interests and pastimes that keep her occupied and content. She enjoys reading, watching films, listening to music, and cooking wonderful meals for her family. Along with her husband and kids, she also likes to travel and experience various cultures and cuisines.

Bess on social media

There were rumors about her social media presence that she has created her accounts on instagram and twitter. Although it is not official and if she has one, it is private. She loves to live a private life and thus, the information about her social media accounts is kept hidden till now. However, if you want to see her pictures, you can visit internet.


Being a part of Big Show for almost 20 years, Bess Katrama dos is an incredible woman. She serves as his wife, partner, friend, and supporter. To devote herself to her family and her husband’s work, she gave up her career. For many women who want to balance their personal and professional life, she serves as an inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who is Bess Katramado?

She is a former model and professional actress who got popular as a celebrity wife.

  1. How tall is Bess Katramado?

She has a good height of 5’ 8’’.

  1. Where do Bess Katramado live now?

She lives with her husband in Tampa, Florida.

  1. Who is Bess Katramado Husband?

Bess got married to Paul Donald Wight II after his divorce with first wife.

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