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Sarsenapati Hambirrao Full Movie Download and Ott Release Date in 2023 : The Maratha warrior

Know About Sarsenapati Hambirrao Movie?

Sarsenapati Hambirrao is an Indian film of the Marathi language that released in the year 2022, on 27 May. This is a movie of the historical drama genre and it was based on the life and contribution of Hambirrao Mohite, the Military Commander of the Maratha Empire under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This movie directed by Pravin Tarde and produced by Dharmendra Bora, Saujanya Nikam, and Sandeep Mohite Patil under their production company Urvita Productions. Some of the actors who were there in the movie were Pravin Tarde, Gashmeer Mahajani as well as Mohan Joshi, and they performed the lead roles.

Plot of the Movie

Sarsenapati Hambirrao is a biographical movie that is based on the life of Hambirrao Mohite, who served as the Military Commander of the Maratha Empire. He appointed in the army of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and under his rule Hambirrao Mohite, who an exceptionally skilled soldier and an able commander, executed many campaigns. Later on, he served as Chhatrapati Shambaji or Shambaji Maharaj.

Hambirrao Mohite

Since this movie was based on Hambirrao Mohite, let us learn a bit about this great soldier of our country. Hambirrao Mohite was born in the year 1630 in Talbid, Satara, Ahmednagar Sultanate, which known as Maharashtra today. He was born in aMohite-Chavhan Clan of 96 kuli Maratha. His father Sambhaji Mohite was a military chieftain. He had four siblings – two brothers Harifrao and Shankarji, and two sisters Soyarabai and Annubai. Soyarabai later married to Shivaji Maharaj, who ended up becoming his brother-in-law. Upon the death of Prataprao Gujar, Shivaji Maharaj made Hambirrao his commander or sarsenapati.

Sarsenapati Hambirrao Full Movie Download 

Sarsena Hambirrao is directed by Praveen Tarde and based on Marathi Historical Drama. This historical movie was released on 27 May 2022 and has become widely popular. The story revolved around Maratha supreme warrior Sarsena Hambirrao Mohite who fought several wars to preserve the cultural heritage. There are Raqesh Bapat, Shruti Marathe, Gashmir Mahajani, and Praveen Tarde as lead roles in the film. This movie has 9.0/10 imdB ratings which is quite great. Users can download it through multiple platforms available across the internet. It is available in MOV, AVI, MKV, and MP4 formats with 720p, 1080p, and 1440p quality formats.

Sarsenapati Hambirrao Showtimes:

The renowned film with a great story and great storyline. Sarsenapati Hambirrao who was the chief of Chatrapati Sivaji Mahajan’s army. Even the film is offered by multiple theaters even in 2023 while the film was released in 2022. There are several running shows on this movie in different cities. This film is recorded at a time span of 2 hours and 38 minutes which shows habbirao’s life in a beautiful manner. Users can find its showtimes on different platforms at affordable price ranges at multiple time slots. If they find any obstacle to book their showtime, they can download or stream this movie from the internet.


Hambirrao Mohite was a skilled and brave warrior who executed campaigns under the rule of Shivaji Maharaj. He defeated Ranamast Khan, one of the most powerful chieftains of Aurangzeb, and killed him on  17 March 1683.

Apart from being a brave warrior, he was also never away from doing the correct thing. Upon the death of Shivaji in 1680, Mohite’s sister tried to remove Sambhaji, Shivaji’s eldest son and who was supposed to be the rightful heir to the throne, and place her son Rajaram. Hambirrao was away from Raigad but was asked to rush back. Upon his return, Soyarabai requested Hambirrao to ensure that the army supported the accession of the throne by Rajaram. Hambirrao left for Panhala in the context of arresting Sambhaji, but changed alliance and supported Shivaji’s son instead of his sister. In 1687, Mohite defeated Sarja Khan in a battle fought near trh Wai region, but a cannonball attack was what led to his death.

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